Since most kids dump out the bottle of bubbles halfway through, this makes perfect sense.

DIY Bubbles Refill Container: La-La's Home Daycare. What a great idea. My kiddo usually dumps over the bottle so this would be perfect for preventing that.

Mr. Potato Head printable - I use this for a halloween craft to make pumpkin faces on orange paper plates.

Potato Head printable - nice patterns for felt board or magnets. good to use for introducing 5 senses.

Monster symmetry

3rd grade, 4th grade Math Worksheets: Monster symmetry

Monster symmetry - great activity with little prep for Kindergarten! Can easily incorporate with art projects.

Great printable for classroom decorations, coloring fun, or activities. Also has a sneaker printable as well!

free template to design a own baseball cap (great site! links to other coloring pages to design things like beach towels and more)

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