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there are many different types of sea life on the legos beach set, including corals and sponges
Clip-Clap - The Little Barrier Reef
an orange and black lego boat is in the water with corals on it's sides
Deep Blue Sea Creatures
a lego chicken standing on top of a blue surface
a lego model of a green plant with yellow flowers
instructions for how to build a pink lego boat
lego PINK FLAMINGO minibuild
two pink flamingos sitting on top of each other
a lego model of a river running through a forest
Detail shots
a green and white tree made out of legos on a blue background with leaves
Paper Birch
Paper Birch | Just a paper birch that I made for Long Island… | Flickr
a lego tree with lots of green leaves
The Classic Castle dot Com How-To's
a green palm tree made out of wooden sticks on a black surface with grey background
Palm Tree (detail)
a table with some legos on it and trees in the middle one is made out of bricks
a lego house made to look like a tree
Witch hut on swamp
Witch hut on swamp | Jellyeater _ | Flickr