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Meiynor Leohomin

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Items & Gear Alternative Rules

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Gear - Siege

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Gear - Books & Scrolls

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[OC][ART] Lockmelter, when all else fails. : DnD

Gear - Odds & Ends

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Gear - Storage & Containers

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Gear - Body Enhancement

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[OC] The Ice Mafia burnt my warehouse down, and now I'm an edgy rogue : DnD
Aromas of False Life: UnearthedArcana

Gear - Potions & Explosives

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Gear - Boots, Cloaks, Clothes

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Gear - Armor & Shields

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More Homebrew Items and Monsters in the link! #rudokstavern #dndhomebrew #dnd5ehomebrew #dndhomebrewideas #dndmagicitems #wondrousitem #dnd5e #dungeonsanddragons #dndgloves #dndsorcerer #dndmage

Gear - Gloves, Gauntlets, Bracers

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Rings of Five Elements - Five rings that grant greater power when all are worn together [Revised] : aripockily

Gear - Stones, Gems, Jewelry

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Weapons - Whips & Chains

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Weapons - Staffs, Spears, Wands

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Weapons - Clubs, Hammers, Axes

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Weapons - Swords

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ArtStation - Archaic Arcanist, Mukhlis Nur (Sinlaire)

Weapons - Daggers

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Weapons - Firearms

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Weapons - Ranged

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Writing Your Story

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BANDIT WINS! Vote now on my Instagram story for the next random table~!#dungeonsanddragons #dnd #dnd5e #fifthedition #dungeonmaster…
EVIL MAGE WINS! Vote now on my Instagram story for the next random loot table~! Also, feel free to submit any ideas you have for a random…
A table for items you might find on a goblin~! I’m running Lost Mines of Phandelver and there are a LOT of goblins. Let me know if there is…

I loot the...

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(1) Expand Your Character Building with Alternative Primary Ability Scores! Play Int Warlocks, Cha Clerics, Wis Paladins, & More! : UnearthedArcana

Variant Usable Rules

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Heh... I'm always giving my charries negative traits... mebbe this will be of some use. :P

Know Your Character

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Final DM Screen/Player Cheat Sheet - Color - Album on Imgur

DM Screen/Book

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a river of commerce

Demonic Bacterium

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