Satu Jokinen
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Elementary! Delivery service by Dmitry Neal

Bold, crazy color palette coupled with black + kraft line art logo Elementary! Delivery service by Dmitry Neal

Clown Nose by Thomas Kral.  I could see this as a Christmas cookie jar with armed nose, and added antlers.

Ceramic containers by Tomas Kral (r) Series of objects inspired by the red clown nose. The cork cover is connected to the ceramics container with coloured elastic

Hanger pack T-shirt Packaging PD

Great custom packaging for clothing items, scarves, baby gifts and more. Love the packaging design. Custom packaging goes a long way and keeps shoppers coming back for more!

full-sleeve-tattoo-38.jpg (600×800)

"By Peter Madsen (Meatshop Tattoo). Based on Polynesian style, combined with a lot of Scandinavian, Viking age and Bronze age design." One of the *few* good ones when it comes to "Viking" style