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Blurry Night by on @DeviantArt

Foggy night in Turku, Finland Blurry Night

New Higgs detection 'closes circle’

Switzerland God Particle - links to article on the subject of the God particle

Coffee drinkers have 'cleaner' arteries

***Financial Mondays*** The Big Cost of the Little Things Do you buy a coffee every morning or do you get breakfast from the Dollar menu? Money spent on little things adds up into big amounts over time, but it's hard to keep track of these expenses.

Europe will fail to protect climate

Europe emission targets 'will fail to protect climate'. Europe’s leaders are about to consign the Earth to the risk of dangerous climate change, a UN expert says.

Cheap African solar energy could power UK homes in 2018

The TuNur desert solar project could have over 1 million mirrors, covering 39 square miles.

Spanish nurse tests negative for virus

Health of Spanish nurse, Mrs Teresa Romero Ramos, who contracted Ebola patients outside West Africa is deteriorating according hospital of.

Share prices across Europe continue to slide

Share prices across Europe continue to slide

'Giant leap' to type 1 diabetes cure

'Giant leap' to type 1 diabetes cure By James Gallagher Health editor, BBC News/ The hunt for a cure for type 1 diabetes has recently taken a "tremendous step forward", scientists have said.

Brain 'can be trained to prefer healthy food'

Brain 'can be trained to prefer healthy food'. A small recent study suggests that the "brain can be trained to prefer healthy food over unhealthy high-calorie foods, using a diet which does not leave people hungry".

Canberra ranked 'best place to live'

Australian police use a Taser on a man wielding a knife outside the parliament building in Canberra, but say there is no security concern.

IMF warns of 'weak and uneven' global recovery

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) lowers its forecast for global economic growth for this year and next, warning the recovery is "weak and uneven".