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How to Learn to Code For Free: 8 Essential Resources

Whether you're a kid or adult, knowing how to code means job opportunities. Learn to code for free with these 8 essential resources.

Adding an RTC and OLED to ESP8266-01 – Arduino & ESP8266 stuff

Adding an RTC and OLED to is fairly easy with The has 4 I/O pins that can be used for using the and for sda resp scl is more or less standard.

Beyond The Code - Essential Skills For Coders. Prepare your child for a successful career in computer programming and coding with these essential skills beyond programming languages.

Beyond The Code - Essential Skills For Coders. Great coders, the ones who create game changing products, who truly excel in the field, possess far more than a knowledge of coding languages.

ESP8266: DHT22 to MYSQL and HighCharts

I will tell you how I did to get an to read data from and send it to an MYSQL database then view the data with HighChartsFeatures that I will add.

The first usage of ESP8266 with Arduino Uno

Today, I am going to show you that how can we prepare our module to be used with Arduino UNO.The need Arduino UNO (With USB cable which attached to.