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Jo Jala
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Air-Elf, Future Air-CarAir-Elf aircraft is not the first concept of the future personal air-car. However, thanks to the “Air Caterpillar” wing by Yinze Hu, it’s probably one of the first realistic ones.

Future airplanes

In the wake of Concorde, NASA is taking steps to make commercial supersonic flight a reality for the masses. More promising news for anyone who missed out on Concorde and dreams of one day boarding a commercial supersonic flight.

Future Airplane: NASA Supersonic Green Machine

Supersonic Green Machine: Future aircraft design concept for supersonic flight over land comes from the team led by the Lockheed Martin Corporation.

AA 757 Tail Drag

Airline and Military Aircraft Mishap Crash and Accident Pictures and Images Airplanes & Flight.

Galaxy C-5

galaxy (biggest aircraft in picture) eagle(two fighter aircraft) hercules (small cargo plane propeller engine)