Ladybird tub

This bathtub sits in your kitchen and acts as a sink until you're ready for a soak. Then you remove the basin portion and fill up! i would just put this in a regular bathroom.

Rotator shower-bath

Ron Arad has designed a bath shower that hangs off your bathroom wall. Spin it one way, and you can use it as a bath. Spin it the other way round and it become a shower canopy.

Wet rooms technically speaking the stylish shower rooms for your relaxing, peaceful and tidy bath. Keep your bathroom clean, green and dry w.

Cool tub!

tub Design - The LTT Illuminated Bathtub design is an elegant polyethylene tub that creatively glows several colorful shades. This light up bathtub design is a .

all white tiled bath with geo 180 simulated rain shower & kos tub from italy with ceiling shower head creates a sexy spa like vibe while a stationary fixture is in place should you not want to use the rain shower technology.