Gift wrapping with doilies #doily #gifts

Make Gorgeous And Unique Holiday Gifts. DIY Wrapping Paper Idea: Use doilies instead of gift tags for a simple but elegant design.

Gift wrapping ideas

If you're feeling adventurous in your gift wrapping, use yarn to make creative patterns and bows. Hey I have a bunch of bright red yarn I can't do anything else with.

Using Fruits and Vegetables as "Stamps"... could be cute to make prints to display in the kitchen

17 Wacky Ways to Wrap a Gift! Gift Wrapping Ideas

Get the kids involved and make some DIY fruit and veggie print wrapping paper!

Holiday Wrapping - plain brown wrapping paper with a colorful ribbon and a stamped name "tag" great idea for an old fashion Christmas theme. I like the idea of using plaid ribbon or raffatti

lace tape how-to

:* L - DIY Lace tape. From Free Pretty Things and inspired by Pastel Lace Sticky Deco Tapes by NothinGelegant. Love the "real" and the DIY version!

Images gift wrapping present idea fun easy unique newspaper bow tutorial step by step beautiful craft diy christmas holiday recycle kids wedding family collection birthday christmas anniversary festival inspiration in Good ideas christmas gift wrapping

Brown paper and foil ribbon.

New Guest Post from Lupin

Paper ribbons from cake decorating stores are great for decorating gifts! --- Bugs and Fishes by Lupin: Gift Wrap Ideas # Cake Ribbon

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