More rainbow cake!

bright and beautiful layer cake . luv this interpretation of the Rainbow Cake . not rainbow order, but the colors are there . thick frosting oozes out between layers .

The Volkswagon bus was commonly driven by "hippies". These hippie buses were easily spotted with their vividly painted colors and peace sign symbols.

rainbow rainbow rainbow

Taste the rainbow + make Individual ROYGBIV Jello Cups for St. Patrick's Day dessert with this colorful + easy recipe. Pro-tip, spike 'em to turn them into unforgettable jello shots.

rainbow streamers #rainbow

DIY crepe paper streamers and paper dot garlands as brilliant rainbow party decor - love this! From O Chickadee

Rainbow Car Atlas Made of 2,500 Toy Cars

Rainbow Car Atlas Made of 2,500 Toy Cars

Rainbow Toy car Installation made from 2500 cars The Toy Atlas Rainbow is a wonderful installation of old toy cars by UK artist David T. Waller thisiscolossal Rainbow Toy Car Installation Made from Cars


This Etsy shop sells bulk zippers, any size,color for cheap! In case you're making a project for gifts or a craft fair and need a lot of zippers!


Rainbow french braid via Hair Romance.a fun idea for Crazy Hair Day at school!


Flower Girl Cottage: Simple and Cute Crochet Heart Pattern Free.for my one-day little girl!

rainbow roll

Rainbow Kiwi Roll - Sushi Recipe - unusual, beautiful and delicious.