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Excellent way to ensure tomatoes are watered enough through the summer. :)
Bowl or vase made out of COLORED PENCILS!!!
food that magically regrows itself - onions, lemongrass, leeks, fennel, celery, cabbage, lettuce, bok choy, ginger, potatoes
Hienoja pöytiä
My Repurposed Life How to make a Chair Bench
Never waste cut roses, ladies. Did You know that You can grow roses from cuttings? Simply cut healthy stems, place them in large potatoes and then bury them 3-4 inches deep in a healthy soil mixture of peat moss  top soil. The potatoes keep the stems moist  help develop the root systems. Its a perfectly simple way to multiply Your rose garden without spending lots of $$$.
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Vintage 1950's Aynsley cup and saucer, antique tea cup set, sage green and gold fleur de lis tea cup set, English tea set bone china tea cup...