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I'm the kind of gal who will spend 10 minutes working on crafting the perfect cup of coffee with perfectly ground, freshly roasted beans, but then let it get cold when I snuggle up on the sofa, engros

Wooden Car Kit - YouTube

This wooden car is powered by an elastic band. When the potential energy of the stretched elastic is converted into kinetic energy of motion, the car will tr.

String Art, Finland

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601b7f7e6af0f1f49cc9ce69b5a861c2.jpg (540×960)

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tekninen työ - Google Search

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MARBLE MAZE Amish Handmade Classic Hand Eye Coordination Wood Game

Amish Handmade MARBLE MAZE Hardwood Hands-On Coordination Classic This classic, wood MARBLE MAZE is perfect for an office, waiting room, daycare, or just about anywhere! Enhance hand and eye coordinat