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backyard patio makeover with text overlay that reads backyard patio makeover
Backyard Patio Makeover
To makeover your backyard is a large undertaking, but the results are so worth it! See how we updated old furniture, installed privacy panels, created a rock water feature, installed gravel and more. It was a complete overhaul, and it turned out amazing. See this reveal for inspirtion for you own backyard makeover.
macrame wall hanging with text overlay that reads macrame mystery the essential starter guide
Macrame Mastery - The Essential Starter Guide
Embark on a creative journey with our beginner's guide to macrame! Dive into the thrilling world of DIY macrame projects, learning from comprehensive tutorials and picking up essential tips and tricks. Whether you're crafting an ornate wall hanging or a simple bracelet, this guide will hold your hand through the process. Discover the right materials, understand the complexity of macrame and learn to dodge common pitfalls.
Gorgeous Backyard Deck Ideas
Gorgeous Backyard Deck Ideas to add loads of style to your outdoor space! We incorporated many of these ideas into our original backyard deck makeover and a few others I hope to use as we restore the deck in the next few months. They can easily be used individually to add just a bit of refreshing to an outdoor area, so if you like just one of these simple deck ideas, give it a try! Visit the blog to get all the details and see additional makeover ideas!
an outdoor table decorated with candles, plates and silverware for a festive look
Fancied-Up Outdoor Table Decor
Discover how to effortlessly elevate your outdoor dining experience! Dive into this creative guide and learn how to transform a regular picnic table into a breathtaking al fresco dinner setting. From elegant woven chargers to a stunning eucalyptus centerpiece, the entire decor is budget-friendly and easy to replicate. You'll get inspiration that suits any occasion, whether romantic dinners or festive birthdays. Let's redefine outdoor dining and make your summer evenings memorable!
two small pots filled with plants on top of a green table next to a trophy
30 Heartwarming DIY Father's Day Gifts from Kids
Discover the joy of creating sentimental Father's Day gifts with your kids. With 30 easy DIY projects, you'll find something perfect for every dad! From hand-stamped handkerchiefs to custom artwork mugs, these gifts are sure to leave dad feeling loved and appreciated. Let's get crafty and make this Father's Day one to remember!
a living room with white couches and black and white throw pillows
12 Unique Ways to Drape a Throw on Your Couch
Elevate your living room's ambiance with these 12 stylish ways to drape a throw on a couch. From casual corner drapes to formal waterfall folds, there's a style for every mood and décor. Opt for folded drapes for an elegant touch or go casual for a cozy feel. Each idea has simple instructions to help you find the perfect spot and technique for a stunning throw blanket display.
Master DIY Macrame
Embark on an exciting crafting journey with our comprehensive guide to DIY macrame. From wall hangings to jewelry, this guide covers a broad range of projects. Perfect for beginners, it offers detailed step-by-step instructions to help you avoid common macrame pitfalls. Acquire the skills you need to create stunning macrame art pieces, while adding a unique touch to your home decor or personal style.
a small white shed with purple doors and windows
She Shed Decorating Ideas
These 10 stunning she shed decorating ideas will add lots of curb appeal to your outdoor space. Plus, you'll have an inviting she shed that everyone will love looking at. Adding pops of color and your own style will make it feel like home too.
Build Your Own Floating Side Tables
Bring a rustic touch to your bedroom with these DIY floating side tables. This simple project requires just raw materials and a touch of creativity. Add a personalized paint or stain to complement your bedroom theme. Ideal for compact spaces, these wall-hung tables bring in a spacious feel. With easy-to-follow instructions, craft your own floating side tables.
a potted plant with the words brighten your space with 40 low light indoor plants
Brighten Your Space with 40 Low-Light Indoor Plants
Illuminate your indoor spaces with lush greenery even without ample sunlight. Explore these 40 indoor plants that actually thrive in low light conditions and are perfect for beginners. Be it the robust ZZ Plant or the elegant Peace Lily, these plants are not just easy to maintain, but also actively flourish in indirect light. From understanding their care to knowing the best choices for low light, this guide has got you covered.
a bedroom with a loft bed, desk and shelves in the corner that are filled with toys
Budget-Friendly Boy's Bedroom Transformation
Don't miss out on this amazing transformation! With less than $100, we gave our son's room a complete makeover in just a month. From DIY projects to a new bed and exciting cork wall for crafts, you won't believe the before and after snaps. Learn how to organize closets and create functional storage for toys. Bright, airy decor with bursts of orange brings this space to life, perfect for any growing boy. Get inspired today!
a paintbrush with the words how to paint trim on it in front of a white wall
How to Paint Trim: A Step-by-Step Guide
How to Paint Trim: A Step-by-Step Guide
the diy hidden jewelry storage solution
DIY Hidden Jewelry Storage Solution
Unleash your DIY spirit and create a hidden jewelry closet! This step-by-step tutorial reveals how to build a recessed wall cabinet for organizing and storing your precious collections. It’s a clever storage solution that keeps your jewelry concealed yet easily accessible. Ideal for decluttering your bedroom or bathroom. Learn about the materials and tools needed, and dive into instructions for installation.
a desk with a chair next to it and the words transformative she - shed office in
Transformative She-Shed Office Inspirations
Step into a world of creativity with these 6 stunning she-shed office ideas! Dive into the charm of these beautifully designed offices in a shed, each one unique with its own flair. From cozy studios to modern design havens, draw inspiration and find your own style. Get started on your shed-turned-office journey today and create a space that not only promotes productivity but also mirrors your personality.
a man working on a roof with the words diy gable roof addition over your front door
DIY Gable Roof Addition Over Your Front Door
Enhance your home's curb appeal with our easy-to-follow tutorial on building a gable roof over your front door! This guide provides step-by-step instructions making it perfect for both beginners and seasoned DIY-ers. Discover the essential materials and tools needed, plus gain invaluable tips for a smooth, successful project. Master this project and add a charming, functional feature to your front entrance!