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a child's drawing of a giraffe in the grass
Lessons4Now - Teach smarter. Work less. Live more.
Animal Art Lesson~ Start with a magazine clipping and then let the students expand the picture. I thought about using animals from a particular continent and tying the lesson into a science or geography unit.
several bowls with different designs on them are arranged in the shape of a circle together
Pienelle ystävälle: Muistipeli pilttipurkkien kansista, joiden taakse on liimattu kankaanpaloja, nappeja ja lehdistä leikattuja kuvia.
two pictures with legos on them and one has the same color
Комментарии к теме
Развивающие игры с конструктором Лего. | OK.RU
three cups filled with different colored balls on top of a wooden table next to two cards
Visual Discrimination: One of the most important skills in early childhood
Visual Discrimination, Poms & Cups
a young boy sitting in front of a wooden wall with cut out animals on it
Visual Perception Activities for Children (how we montessori)
Visual Perception Activities for Children | how we montessori | Bloglovin’
a white teddy bear sitting on top of a table next to a sign that says copy pipe cleaner stick figures and free printable
Copy Pipecleaner Stick Figures Activity + Free Printable - Toddler at Play
This is a fun and perfectly educational activity for toddlers and preschoolers. Help kids improve their hand-eye coordination, focus and concentration, fine motor skills and cognitive skills!
the snow animal tracks visual activity is shown with crayons and colored pencils
Visual Perception Activities: Snowy Animal Tracks! - The Inspired Treehouse
The Inspired Treehouse - Visual perception activities like this one are the perfect entertainment for a cold, snowy winter day!
the free shadow matching printables for visual discrimination
Visual Discrimination: Shadow Matching Activities - Improve Visual Acuity
Visual Discrimination: Shadow Matching Activities - Improve Visual Acuity #SPD #SensoryProcessing #LearningAtHome #ChildDevelopment #ToddlerDevelopment #preschoolactivities #preschoolprintables