Juuso Pitkämäki

Juuso Pitkämäki

Juuso Pitkämäki
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DIY Glitter desk! So transforming my desk with this easy tutorial. Fun! Just use glitter and wood varnish to add some sparkle to that old desk.

I've turned the (previously paint-marked and scratched) surface of my desk into glitter wonderland. Its fresh, dreamy new look makes me w.

Hallucinogenic mushrooms seamless pattern

Autumn is the season of magic mushrooms and psychedelic maple trees

File:Star Wars Logo.svg

STAR WARS - logo Credit for the Star Wars logo belongs to Suzy Rice. First there was her original design. Second, Joe Johnston revised her logo for the film. And third, there was her original logo.

DIY Geek Dishes (LOTR, Star Wars, Zelda, more)

Dishwasher safe Mod Podge is a thing? *mind blown* Geek Dishes (LOTR, Star Wars, Zelda, more)