Fidget quilt

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a piece of fabric with an american flag and other items on it sitting on top of a wooden table
Proud AIR FORCE VETERAN, Free Embroidery, Alzheimer's Fidget Blanket, Dementia, Stroke by Restless Remedy
an art piece made to look like a man's shirt with buttons and fish on it
Fishing themed Fidget Quilt
an assortment of ties laid out on a mat
Activity mat for a guy
an assortment of items is displayed on a wall hanging from a coat hanger,
a quilted table top with many different items on it, including ties and bracelets
an assortment of ties laid out on top of each other
Making Fidget Blankets & Quilts: Free Tutorials and Ideas Updated 2021
there are many different items on this patchwork piece of cloth that is laying on the floor
an older man sitting on a brown couch holding a red and blue blanket with various items in it
He is enjoying his military style fidget blanket his caregiver bought him for Veterans day
an old woman sitting at a table with her hand made piece of clothing on it
Shown is my mother using the fidget blanket I made her. It was made from and old pair of jeans with various items sewn to it (zippers, velcro pull tabs, pockets with and without buttons, fuzzy purple balls, her name from lettered blocks and a bobble with fringe). All items were made from two pair of jeans (one blue and one white) that I cut apart, , a purple bandana and various items I purchased at a local craft store (Michael's).
an assortment of clothing and accessories laid out on top of a cloth covered tablecloth
TotallySewn - Etsy
Pat Walkup on Twitter: " ... Home, Dementia Gifts, Quilted Gifts
Pat Walkup on Twitter
Pat Walkup on Twitter: " ...
various items are laid out on a blanket
Masculine Style Fidget Sensory Activity Quilt Blanket | Etsy
Fidget Sensory Activity Quilt Blanket by TotallySewn on Etsy