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Jenny Stenvall

Jenny Stenvall
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Oh My Gosh COULSON!!!

gif Robert Downey Jr:The Making of Iron Man 2 - Note Coulson in the back trying to steal the captain america shield.even outside the movie he's obsessed with Captain America.

Thor Hair. Oh, but Loki, it's so pretty!

OMG Thor and Sam - burdened with glorious hair. Thor hair by ~LoriRuRu on deviantART <<< i could totally see loki doing that

Clubbing with Thor

Saved the world with Nick Fury<<<< I got kidnapped by the Chitauri so I'm pretty screwed. Yeeesssss <<< trolled by loki.>> I got to go clubbing with Black Widow, my birthday is MADE!

Rihanna (we found love in a hopeless place) and the avengers - Thor: we found Thor punching Loki's face. Thor: and then hugging him tightly and apologizing, for he is my brother, and I love him so.


Funny pictures about Dogs That Look Like The Avengers. Oh, and cool pics about Dogs That Look Like The Avengers. Also, Dogs That Look Like The Avengers.