Hauska! ;)

Ninni 🇮🇪🇵🇹🇮🇹 on

"Keep calm and speak Finnish"

Yep, don't even try to learn finnish


makes me all the more impressed with the fact that my dad learned rudimentary Finnish in his

Funny Meme.

Finland personal space looks just about perfect for me. Personal space ( Norway, Italy, France, Finland ) by Hansafan

Well, I don't speak Finnish. But I wish I did. It just looks and sounds so difficult.

Limited Edition Finnish Shirt

I Know Sign Language Hoodie!

Countryballs Finland

No Need to be Afraid

Nothing to fear Finland

36 Great Pics To Wrap Up The Work Day

36 Great Pics To Wrap Up The Work Day

Finnish language difficulties for foreigners.



Finnland cannot into emotions

Vodka into perkele.


of December in the midst of the October Revolution in Russia, Finland carves itself out of the chaos and declares independence. The Finnish Maiden by an unknown artist, 1906

The Finnish solution

The Finnish solution

The Finnish solution ( Finland, Soviet ) by Tobinov

Have you been in Finland? :)

Have you been in Finland?

Finnlands most used swearwords :D

you know you're finnish when - Google Search <<< En voi enää, can't even help

Yeah, it's actually a Finnish word :D

Nimellä paiskattu

Nimellä paiskattu

suomalaiset ..

Kimi will make you laugh at one point or another.


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