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I designed a wood arch truss for building a 16 Ft wide greenhouse. Today I built the first truss to see if the design and wood would work. After reading some time about wood

This is where happy bikes get wrenched on :) #bikelife #bikeshoplife #redrockbicycle #redrockservicecenter

This is where happy bikes get wrenched on :)

efficientvelo: "Right Arm, everything else is just wrong for clamping bikes professionally.  Don't  F with client's seat height and don't clamp frames in order to facilitate service. If we MUST alter saddle height to facilitate clamping (hardly ever w/Right Arm's scant 2" jaw height) mark position and turn 90 degrees to indicate alteration."

The “Safe Zone” bicycle helmet mirror was invented by Brett Flemming, toolmaker, master bicycle mechanic and owner of Efficient Velo Tools LLC (EVT).