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there is a candle on the table with sea shells and starfishs around it
Great for a beach wedding or any other beach event. Burlap runners/sea glass/shells/candles. Pretty on white linen.
an intricately designed wedding ring with diamonds on the inside and outside, set in 18k white gold
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Ornamentti, vihkisormus
four different pictures of people dressed in formal wear and tuxedos, one wearing a wedding dress
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Unelmiesi hääpuku
a man and woman standing in the middle of a dirt road surrounded by green trees
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Dokumentaarista hää- ja juhlakuvausta
several pieces of paper cut into hearts on a piece of burlocked fabric
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the cover of an magazine with lace on it
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Häiden koristelu: Rustiikki & Vintage
a magazine cover with a woman's face on it next to a purple bag
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Runsasta & Eleganttia Häät-lehti
a man and woman standing next to each other in front of a house with wedding rings
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Yksilölliset korut juhlistavat ainutlaatuisia häitä
a man holding up a video camera in front of his face and smiling at the camera
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Tärkeän päivänne elokuva
black and white photograph of a woman looking out at the water - Enemmän juhlia!
Salli Sunglasses, Square Sunglass - Enemmän juhlia!