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16 Easy DIY Tutorials For Glamorous and Cute Hairstyle
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Cute vintage hair tutorial
Tony Medina- Hairstylist on Instagram: “Recently I've been trying to showcase other vintage styles that I ADORE! I know "overly sculpted hair" isn't for everyone and that's okay! I can give you some loose, up to date hair, if that's what the client wants... But personally, I love a gorgeous and detailed vintage style! ❤️ I can't wait to update my Instagram with more and more fun vintage looks! I really do enjoy them! ❤️❤️❤️ Hair By #HisVintageTouch #vintagehair #pinuphair #retro #50shair…
Boardroom beautiful in a warm hue of cinnamon brown. #vintage #dress #fashion #1950s | http://vintage-life-styles.blogspot.com
What goes together...Dapper Gents and daddy-o hats! 1920s Flapper everything, always.   (@vintagedancer)