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Poisoned Apple Cider Cocktail | Perfect for Halloween, this sweet and eerily beautiful cocktail is made with just a handful of ingredients, and tastes every bit as great as it looks! | https://www.the5oclockchef.com | #cocktail #drink #applecider #Halloween

Ingredients 4 oz apple cider 1 oz spiced rum 1 oz pomegranate juice oz grenadine scant tsp edible luster dust (I used a gold color, but silver is also beautiful) (holiday alcoholic drinks)

No doubt some of us love BBQ and would love to try some different types of BBQ if we can. Summer isn't over yet, so if you're planning to be in another state and looking for a place to satisfy your craving for BBQ, keep this infographic handy. The infographic highlights some of the differences of BBQ in various states.

You’re probably familiar with the big BBQ states – Texas, the Carolinas and Tennessee to name a few – but did you know that Chicago ribs are barbequed in an