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Jukka Rantanen

Jukka Rantanen
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King of All Motorcycles: Red Baron Bike is Powered by an Airplane Engine

King of All Motorcycles: Red Baron Bike powered by an Airplane Engine. to be the envy of all Harley riding pilots. Hope he has good earplugs!

This makes me laugh so hard!

Dance like no one is watching. but really someone is not only watching, but taking pictures and putting it up on a popular website. The best part of this picture is the look of horror on the guy's face behind her.

laughing so hard!

This guy is a DICK HEAD if I ever saw one. All he needs is a hole tattooed on top of his head! Looks like a floating penis in the pool. Your penis always gets small when you get in the pool. I bet ladies just want to jump on top of his head.


Just look sideways on the face ' do not read this ending if u wanna find out!" Okay I found liar CX " also comment down whatcha got"