Can't wait to make these, we're going to use the cinnamon pine cones -- yum!

Pom Poms and Pinecones Christmas Ornaments

Järjestä aakkoset! Aakkostamista hauskasti henkarilla ja pyykkipojilla!

Clothespins on Hangers to practice alphabetical order (leave out some letters? write words on clothes pins? Lots could be done with this idea. Order clothespin numbers on a separate hanger that looks like a number line.

Vuoden alussa kesäpaidat?

"Check Out the Lineup in." Using a T-shirt theme and hanging student shirts along a clothing line is a colorful idea for a Back To School bulletin board display. You can also have the children decorate their t-shirt


Age Describe addition situations for numbers less than five. Describe subtraction situations for numbers less than five.