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a large brown and black bird flying through the air with trees in the back ground
Red Kite (Milvus milvus) in Flight
the beach is surrounded by pine trees and rocky shorelines with water in the distance
Карелия 2015. Онежские петроглифы.
a small pond in the middle of a rocky area with water and trees on it
Прохлада Ладожского озера
Прохлада Ладожского озера ладожское озеро, карелия, изварягвгреки, Россия, Фото, надосъездить, Природа, длиннопост
a pond surrounded by grass and trees under a cloudy blue sky
Torronsuo National Park, Suomi
a painting of trees in the fog on a blue and white background with black border
Oscar Droege's Color Woodblock Prints
Gurney Journey: Oscar Droege's Color Woodblock Prints