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Finland and Iceland (and Germany)! The joke behind this is that everybody agrees that Sweden, Norway and Denmark make up Scandinavia, but some say that Finland and Icelan.

Baby Daddy: Vikings didn't worry too much about fidelity, women slept quite often around and their husbands happily accepted the children even if they knew they aren't the father.  Keeping a child alive was difficult back then so any child that survived was a miracle, and people wanted big families, so if your wife had a child it was your right as the husband to keep it. The other loser could mob around with one child less to his name.

Baby Daddy - Scandinavia and the World

Flu Season - Scandinavia and the World

Webcomic: Happy flu season everybody! Sickness has also taken hold of this house, so sorry about the late and simple comic.

Scandinavia and the World - Stop Your Meddling

The repercussions of interfering in others’ lives made Lysander temporarily adorn Helena rather than Hermia, and Demetrius do the same, therefore, putting Hermia in distress.

I approve of Den/Germany but that extra room in his bed needs to go to another Scandinavian if you know who i mean

All that just to try and pick up Sister Japan. A silly idea that didn’t deserve an entire comic. I was talking with a German girl about how more th.