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The Life Jesus Came to Give Us
Today's Sunday Scripture points us to truth of the life Jesus came to give us. It also reminds of of the intent of the thief. Our spiritual enemy desires to steal, slaughter, and destroy everything good in our lives--even our very lives, themselves! One way he does that is by distracting us from what's important. Today let's stay present, alert, and awake. Let's prioritize what's important, and let the lesser things fall to the side.
Are We Careful How We Live?
Today's Sunday Scripture reminds us how to live. Right to the point and straight to truth, this verse tells us the way to live. I don't know about you, but some days I don't love so wise. It's something I now pray for every day. Do you pray for God's wisdom too?
God daily bears our burdens
A beautiful and hope-filled Sunday Scripture! It reminds us of how our Lord is willing and able to daily bear our burdens, and how we aren't expected to bear them alone. Isn't He so good to us?! What burden is He bearing for you today? Praise Him, praise Him.
Sunday Scripture - Isaiah 46:9 NLT
Today's Sunday Scripture reminds us of who God truly is. How does this encourage your heart today?
We Find God When We Seek Him
Today's Sunday Scripture reminds us when we turn our hearts toward God, we will find Him and all we need for this life. God desires a relationship with us, and desires to give us His best. What's one way you can seek God today? Have a great Sunday!
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He Is Making All Things New!
Today's Sunday Scripture reminds us of the good news that God is making everything new! No matter what we're walking through today, this promise gives us hope! How does it encourage your heart in your current circumstances?
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Sunday Scripture - Matthew 7:8
Today's Sunday Scripture encourages us to keep asking, to keep seeking, to keep knocking. God never tires of our persistence, but instead, rewards it. That prayer you've been praying? Keep praying it. That truth you've been seeking? Keep seeking it. That door you've been knocking on? Keep knocking. God's timing is perfect, friend. For what are you asking, seeking, or knocking today?
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Wait for the Lord Sunday Scripture
This Sunday Scripture prompts us to stay encouraged and to be strong as we wait for the Lord. What's one way you can do this today?
the lord will work out his plans for all that he loves, and to help him
Encouragement from Psalm 138
Today's Sunday Scripture is a beautiful psalm that encourages us and prompts us to praise God for His faithful love. Plus, it's one we can add to our prayers. Allow this verse to bless you today!
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What's your go-to Bible verse?
Share it in the comments. It may become someone else's go-to verse!
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Sunday Scripture - Proverbs 22:6
Today's Sunday Scripture reminds us the importance of a godly influence in the lives of children. Another translation says it this way, "Point your kids in the right direction— when they’re old they won’t be lost" (MSG). May we be godly influences in the lives of the children around us. May we point them in the right direction, in knowing and seeking God all the days of their lives. What's one way we can train up the children around us in the way they should go today?
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Sunday Scripture - God is our refuge
In case you could use some encouragement in whatever you're walking through today, here is today's Sunday Scripture. It reminds us Who God is and what He does. He is our refuge and shield of protection, and His Word is our hope. May we trust Him in our current circumstances and allow Him to encourage us through His Word today.
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Praise through Sunday Scripture
Today's Sunday Scripture draws us to praise God for who He is. Use this scripture as a prayer today and any day. God is so good, isn't He?!
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Sunday Scripture and a prayer
Our Sunday Scripture is a beautiful prayer for today and every day. Not sure what to pray? Or not sure what direction to take? Pray this psalm and allow God to lead you and encourage your heart through it. Stay encouraged today!
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Desire peace in your life?
God's peace is the only true peace. This verse tells us we will experience it after what verse 6 tells us: to not worry, to pray about everything, and to thank God for what He has done. Live in God's peace today, friend.