Joxter by ~Tamasaburo89 on deviantART

A watercolor picture of the Joxter from "Tanoshii Moomin Ikka" from Man, I love this guy XD Although he appears in just 3 episodes and 1 no.

Funny Little My jar from the Finnish brand Arabia. This jar features Little My on a lovely red background. Cute jar is Arabia's special product and it is available 1.9.2015 - 30.6.2016.Size: 0,3 lMaterial: Porcelain jar with ceramic lid Hauska Pikku Myy koristaa tätä punaista Arabian muumipurkkia, Pikku Myyn päivä. Tuote on Arabian valikoimissa 30.6.2016 saakka. Koko: 0,3 dl. Materiaali: Posliinipurkki mustalla keraamisella kannella.  Mumin Lilla My burken av Arabia. Tove Slotte har…

Funny Little My jar from the Finnish brand Arabia. This jar features Little My on a lovely red background. Cute jar is Arabia's special product and it is availa

The new Moomin Friendship serving bowl by Arabia from 2016 features a famous motive from the book ”Who will comfort Toffle?”. It’s designed by Tove Slotte based on the original work of Tove Jansson. This lovely bowl will certainly delight both young and old at the dinner table. Complete your Moomin tableware collection with this beautiful piece. Muumi Ystävyys -tarjoilukulhon kuvituksen perustana on Tove Janssonin kirja ”Kuka lohduttaisi Nyytiä?”. Arabian taiteilija Tove Slotte on…

Moomin Friendship serving bowl 23 cm by Arabia

The Moomin Friendship serving bowl is by the Swedish brand Arabia. The serving bowl has a colorful, slightly retro-inspired design that was inspired by Tove Jansson classic picture book

Moomintroll and Little My wood sculptures 9 cm by Lovi

These 9 cm high Moomintroll and Little My figures each consist of 6 or 13 parts and come in a postcard-like 27 x 15 cm package. The figures are assembled by han

Moomin deco tree Snufkin by Arabia

Grow your own Moomin Deco Tree! Snufkin is part of a collection that will include 13 wall tiles. In production until Muumi-kerami

Moomin Friendship pitcher 1 l by Arabia

The new Moomin Friendship pitcher by Arabia from 2016 features the famous motive from the book ”Who will comfort Toffle? Arabia's artist Tove Slotte has desig

Moominmamma egg timer

Buy this adorable Moomin timer for the Moomin lovers! The Moomin timer is a nice interior detail from Bengt Ek Design and is available in different variants.

Stinky mug by Arabia

This gorgeous grey Moomin Mug from IIttala features the lovely character Stinky. Children and adults alike fall in love with all the characters of Moomin Valley

Martinex Moomin House

The blue Moomin House featuring nine different Moomin characters and other stuff like furniture. The house opens up and is 38 cm wide as opened. Create an adven

Groke towel grey 90 x 180 cm by Finlayson

The newest addition to our Moomin towel family. Say hello to Groke!

A Winter Book

A Winter Book: Selected Stories by Tove Jansson A book club choice which grew on me as I read it and I think may stay with me too. But it is not a book I would recommend.

Moomin deco tree Little My by Arabia

Arabia Moomin ceramics tree Sniff 89 x « Moomin Products « Ihanaiset.

Who will comfort Toffle wooden card 4-pack

A lovely pack of four handmade wooden post cards that can be sent through the mail or used as decorative items on your bookshelf. Four motives taken from the pi

Martinex Moomin Ship

The popular Moomin Ship. The package includes nine characters and a lot of other stuff. The boat is approximately 60 cm wide as opened. Take the Oshun Oxtra out on the adventure of your life!