Kati Jukola
Muita ideoita: Kati
Great tiled wall inset area - nice use of dark and white contrasting tiles! - Domus Tiles
Kattoplafondi puureunuksella
AT-Valaisin Plafondi ruskea puu halk. 60 cm
AOL Office "This space is called “The Town Hall” and encourages employee collaboration by combining the kitchen, play space, and relaxation areas in one. It is centrally located to bring together employees from various departments that would not otherwise meet."
Colored Ceiling Tiles | Design Your Own Colored Ceiling Tiles
Park Office of the Shanghai-based design studio COORDINATION ASIA
Modern Cabin
koya.fi - Koya | Maja | Design | Valmismökki | Naoto Niidome
cut-away entrance
Vlack cabin in the woods