Tarja Junes-Rantamaa

Tarja Junes-Rantamaa

Tarja Junes-Rantamaa
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New York City Garden terrace

Never underestimate the value of an outdoor garden/terrace/space in any type of home. ✨ This beautiful oasis high up in New York City from sweet has me in a New York state of mind. 🙌 Happy Weekend everyone!

Wooden decking & seating by Peter Doy & Son. Garden design by Jinny Blom, Chelsea, London

built-in seating and planters though all those strips of wood too much! Wooden decking & seating by Peter Doy & Son, Chelsea, London

NYC garden peace

This photo inspired me to ask my carpenter to try making planters that curve for people, what we nicknamed “serpentine” planters. They aren’t easy or cheap to make, but they sure do look great.

Succulent planters on roof terrace. These plants will work well in the exposed environment with winds and sun.

Succulent planters on roof terrace. I like the idea of round planters with succulents - if we can't do it vertically

The pot cluster goes modern. Sculptural use of plants in simple geometric pots. Equisetum, Pinus mugo, and a purple Aeonium prove that less is definitely more.

Grouping several striking pots of similiar materials (DIY concrete or clay perhaps?), filling each one with a single, non-flowering architectural plant for a more modern and sophisticated look.

Roof terrace - I love this roof terrace apart from the horrid, grave-like, white gravel.

The terrace of anderson cooper's manhattan penthouse. I love the transition from the lawn area to the path through the rock garden