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Orthanc - Alan Lee (The Lord of the Rings)

“To the centre all the roads ran between their chains. It was fashioned by the builders of old, who smoothed the Ring of Isengard, and yet it seemed a thing.

Alan Lee - El Señor de Los Anillos

Gondor, The White City. All know is that I could never draw that, let alone paint it. John Howe and Alan Lee, the gentlemen who did the conceptual art and much of the design throughout the making of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, incredible artists.

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring by Marko Manev

The Fellowship of the Ring by Marko Manev. Oh my dearest Lord of the Rings. How I spent many a long night curled on my bed with these books and films. Always a dear place in my heart.

The mirror of Galadriel by linesdamnlines

germantolksoc: “ linesdamnlines: “The Mirror of Galadriel. ” ““& things I can command the Mirror to reveal,’ she answered, & to some I can show what they desire to see. But the Mirror will also.