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an empty room is seen through a circular window in the middle of the flooring area
Monster Eats Design
a modern sink made out of concrete on a white surface
Hormigón emocional Emotional concrete by SANICOSANICO
Emotional concrete by SANICO. FARO is a concrete washbasin designed by Lavernia & Cienfuegos for SANICO. #concrete #washbasin
an artistic bench with grass growing out of it
Inventive Planted Stone Seating - Urban Gardens
Inventive Planted Stone Seating
a close up of a metal object on a white surface with no people around it
Tisch cT
Concrete Table / Bench
a white sculpture sitting on top of a gray floor next to a black tablecloth
8.0 concrete chair by Omer Arbel -
Concrete chair by Omer Arbel
a round rug sitting on top of a table next to two cups and a vase
Beaded chairs from South Africa.
a tall metal object with three rings on it's sides and one ring in the middle
EMMEMOBILI Escher 2005
an abstract black and white chair on a gray background
Venom Chair II by Onur Ozkaya www.creativeboysc...
a dining table with two chairs and a black lamp hanging over it in a dark room
/// www.creativeboysc...
a black chair sitting on top of a white floor next to a metal object in the shape of a bird
a large white bath tub sitting inside of a bathroom
UFO Bathtub by Benedini Associati
a bookshelf filled with lots of books next to a fireplace
A Perfect Match...
stacked old crates: you can use them as a bookcase or even as an alternative to a closet to stack your clothes in.
the bookshelf is made out of wood and has several compartments for each book
Squaring Bookcase
Squaring bookcase, nine square unit hinged together