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the tweets are all different from each other
two tweets that are on the same page
Pretty nice guy, actually.
two tweets are shown on the same page
an image of a web page that has been altered to look like it is being viewed on the internet
Thirty Random Memes That Speak The Damn Truth
the menu for ihop and denny's restaurant is shown in this screenshot
Who do u think would win in a fight 2 the death between ihop and dennys d prismfairy I'd say Denny's lhop is where kids sometimes have birthday parties Denny's is where I'd go to meet a hitman e thehobbutts im on board with that logic - iFunny
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the words are written in black and white
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the words physics, general physics and branch of science concerned with using extremely long and complicated formulas to describe how a ball rolls
Twistin’ and Turnin’ – Circular motion will set your brain a-burnin!
an old cemetery with a sign on it that reads,'the grave of george mccie lived once buried in stone
an image of someone's handwriting on their facebook page
some people are talking to each other about something
Shai accepting her award at the MTV movie awards