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an abstract drawing with lines and shapes in black and white, as well as the letter c
Amazon.com: Charcoal Drawings
Charcoal Geometric Value Drawing - like this as an art journal activity to start working on blending / charcoal skills
four different paintings with trees and moon in the sky on paper toweled to canvases
Charcoal Trees
Charcoal Trees
black and white floral pattern on a black background
Mandala seamless pattern vector
Mandala seamless pattern vector
a blue and white wallpaper with clouds in the shape of hearts on it's sides
Blogger: Samantha Maths 8X - Template Designer
an image of a pattern with green eyes and hands in the shape of eyeballs
a white background with red strawberries on it
Free digital strawberry scrapbooking paper - ausdruckbares Geschenkpapier - freebie
FREE printable strawberry pattern paper | #summerfruit
an ice cream sundae pattern on a pink background
ICE CREAME!!!!!!! I would have this as my wallpaper, breakfast, lunch, dinner, clothes, my husband...I mean the list goes on!
an abstract painting with circles and lines
Eye Candy 3 abstract geometric painting by famous American artist Bruce Gray
"Eye Candy #3" (19x24) by famous American artist and sculptor Bruce Gray is done with pen and ink and magic markers on paper. This original ...
an abstract painting with blue, red and black shapes
LARS GUNNAR NORDSTRÖM, serigrafia, numeroitu 18/100, signeerattu ja päivätty -78. - Bukowskis
Lars-Gunnar Nordström: Sommitelma, 1978, serigrafia, 49,5x34,5 cm, edition 100 - Bukowskis Market 2013