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a white and blue cabinet with the words tenddsales on it
Lipasto Paul
Puuta. Liukuovet maalattua MDF-levyä. Runko MDF-levyä ja tammiviilua. Jalat massiivitammea. Sisällä väliseinä. Toisella puolella yksi kolmeen korkeuteen säädettävä hyllytaso. P 90 cm. S 45 cm. K 80 cm. Toimitetaan osina. Rahtipaino 114 kg. Tarkista rahtimaksu netin ellos.fi Ostotiedoista. <br><br>
a room with a clock and several white boxes on the shelf next to two chairs
Kaappi Life
Kaappi vaikkapa eteiseen tai keittiöön. 12 lokeroa. Lokeroiden laatikot myydään erikseen (Life-laatikot, 3/pakk.). MDF-levyä sekä saarni- ja tammivaneria. Korkeus 114 cm. Syvyys 30 cm. Leveys 60 cm. Lokeroiden mitta 18x18 cm. Toimitetaan osina. Rahtipaino 35 kg. <br><br>
a white desk with four drawers on the bottom and one drawer at the top that is open
a multicolored round side table with metal legs and four sections on each side
IKEA PS 2014 Säilytyspöytä
a tall white cabinet with five drawers
ALEX Laatikosto, 9 laatikkoa
a white shelf that has some pictures on top of it and other items in front of it
ALGOT Kiinnityskisko/hyllyt
a round white rug on a white background
ÅDUM Matto, korkea nukka
several potted plants are sitting on a window sill
Summer 2015
a desk with a computer on top of it in front of a wall mounted clock
2 Zero One
I so love this basic color scheme . Black and white is definitely making a come back in 2015. To paint your office or offices in Tampa Florida please contact me Bobby im a Handyman that specializes in painting. http://www.bobbyshandymanservice.com
a living room filled with furniture next to a dining room table and chairs in front of a window
Elegant 65-square meter apartment from the 1800s
Elegant 65-square meter apartment from the 1800s
a woman is laying on the couch in her living room reading a book and watching tv
www.moonday.org is Expired or Suspended.
small living . . It may be small, but it's priceless to have a space of one's own. :))
a white table with black chairs in a room
Built in bench
a living room filled with furniture and a tree in the window sill next to a table
De obra { Concrete furniture }
Wall bench