Home of the sea monster - This is a very long exposure of a restless welling sea at Kallo in the city of Pori, Finland. The shiny white specks on the rocks are ice and frost.

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In this image lake Näsijärvi is frozen and the life preserver at the jetty is on its vinter vacation. The sun has just set casting a red color onto the clouds in the sky.

Footprints of the lynx - This image of a snowy hilltop with the tracks of a lynx along the snow was taken in Teisko, Finland on Matovuori hill.

Nordic lights over lake Kesänkijärvi - This image was captured over lake Kesänki at the Sallatunturi ski resort in Salla, Finland. In the far distance, the city lights of Salla create an orangy glow.

Rabbit escaped the noon sun - )

Naruska river fighting the frost - This image was taken in Naruska, Salla, Finland after sunset at near centigrade temperatures. The stream is strong enough to keep a narrow channel unfrozen at the center.

'Winter sunrise over lake Pielinen', Koli, in Lieksa, Finland

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