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For a guy who hates the sea, Trig, you keep showing up in an awful lot of ocean pictures. *Shakes head*

Delta - often to describe change, because delta is the initial letter of the Greek word διαφορά, diaphorá, "difference"

Schwarz und weiß Mitte Jahrhundert Modern Kunstdruck, Minimalist Poster, abstrakte Landschaft

Simple and minimal black and white abstract landscape art inspired by Japanese woodblock prints. Dark night sky with white birds flying over the ocean

Moog Filter Circuit Tattoo. WANT

Has anybody seen any good Electrical Engineering related tattoos? - Non-Ski…

Chaim Machlev, Berlín Alemania

Tattoo artist Chaim Machlev, with the Dots to Lines studio, creates tattoos with linear and spectral shapes. Thin-drawn pieces, often cover a member or a part o