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Orchestra Music

Check out these high-quality orchestra pieces perfect for any ensemble, as well as solo pieces, orchestra methods, and other vital resources. Our editors…
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Many fictional works portray the moon as a living being, alone in space while looking at the Earth. This lullaby honors this "living moon," portraying various emotions including the loneliness of watching us from space and the moments of comfort as the moon proudly watches over us.
This piece combines elementary, middle school, and high school string orchestras, each playing age-appropriate material, making for the perfect closer to an all-city multi-level concert. During the course of this energetic rondo, each group is featured on their own melody. As the piece unfolds, the melodies are creatively combined, keeping all the players on their toes. Grade levels for the three groups are: elementary - Grade 1.5; middle school - Grade 2.5; high school - Grade 3.5.
William Hofeldt's inspiration has come from the Oscar Wilde poem with the same name. Its sheer depth and beauty is clearly Hofeldt at his best. Contains shifting work during octave divisi moments.

Basic Library for Orchestra

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This timeless theme from the "Halloween" franchise is one of the creepiest tunes ever written. This accessible arrangement maintains all of the eerie feeling of the original while staying in 4/4. Violin 1 includes optional third position. Excellent for teaching chromaticism and reinforcing multiple fingering patterns. Optional piano and percussion are included.
From the creative mind and musical wizardry of Danny Elfman, here is a wonderful medley of some the most memorable film music ever written. Featuring ghosties, ghoulies, and things that go bump in the night, this fun-to-play sampling features a few of Elfman's scarier tunes, including Corpse Bride, Dark Shadows and, of course, Beetlejuice.
Imagine two zombies dancing a zombie tango! This would make a great piece for Halloween, or anytime zombie fever is taking over your school.

Halloween Music for String Orchestra

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J.S. Bach's wonderful chorales are perfect for orchestras...for performance, warm-up, and for the study of precise intonation and ensemble playing. This set of 28 chorales retains Bach's original four-part settings, with only octave doublings added for a richer texture and to keep the instruments in a comfortable range. These chorales are suitable for both concert and church use, with several being appropriate for the Christmas and Easter seasons.
Learning to feel the pulse in music is a necessary part of developing rhythmic independence, and, ultimately, mature musicianship. Harmonized Rhythms provides a resource of short original exercises designed to promote rhythmic precision with a unique melodic and harmonic approach.
This set is the answer for getting your full orchestra warmed up on a daily basis. The sequential exercises work at a variety of levels, and will really help you improve both your junior and senior high programs. Tuning, ensemble playing, technique, phrasing and special needs for strings, winds and percussion are all addressed. You will want this in your folder for years to come!

Chorales and Warm-Ups for Orchestra

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This dramatic work for symphony orchestra is a perfect opener or closer. From mysterious and dark melodies to driving rhythmic lines, the music provides an opportunity to showcase the power of your ensemble, the beauty of your soloists, and the talent of your percussion section. Many cues are provided for groups without full instrumentation, making this accessible to many. Riveting!
Written for more advanced full orchestras, this stunning original cinematic overture will transport your orchestra to the movie soundstage. The scene is set with a dramatic, rhythmic ostinato joined by the melody and builds to an intense peak before slowly fading away. This piece provides plenty of technical displays for your string and woodwind sections as well as the perfect opportunity to showcase the power and range of the brass. (3:45)
This dynamic concert opener can also be used for graduations or other ceremonial events that evoke the atmosphere of a stately processional. This piece portrays the majesty of Mount Olympus calling out from on high as mighty heroes heed the summons and assemble. Brilliant fanfares flourish and the thunder of percussion captures the drama and triumphant victories echoing throughout the ages. A great showcase for a strong horn section!

Editors' Choice for Orchestra

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This fresh and joyous piece is sure to bring some winter cheer to your audience. Optional percussion parts pair with tuneful melodies to give this work a unique charm that is both engaging and challenging.
March with Santa's elves to the North Pole with this charming holiday piece for beginning strings! Easy rhythms from the D major scale are used as the jolly melody is passed to every section. Optional sleigh bells add festive cheer to this perfect winter concert selection.
In Greek mythology, Boreas is the cold north wind, making this piece a great addition to any winter concert. The mysterious opening leads to an exciting finale. Students will experience spiccato and legato bowing styles, multiple down bows, and key changes.

Holiday Music for String Orchestra

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"For the night is God's cathedral" and the stars visit in "dreams of fireflies." Let Trans-Siberian Orchestra add a bit of spice to your full orchestra holiday concert. This piece will be greatly enhanced by adding a rhythm section and electric instruments.
Kids from 1 to 92 will enjoy this arrangement of the perennial holiday favorite.
Let your young orchestra get to know Handel's classic gem! For holiday programs or at any time of year, this stunning arrangement for full orchestra is playable by young performers. A true masterpiece!

Holiday Music for Full Orchestra

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Two fun and upbeat Jewish dances sung during the celebration of Hanukkah. Younger string musicians will play a few low first fingers, pizzicato, and simple sixteenth-note rhythms. All sections have interesting parts. Perfect for adding diversity to your holiday programming.
Now your string orchestra can celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah with the same piece of music. Two traditional seasonal songs Christmas is Coming, the Goose is Getting Fat and The Dreidel Song are combined through the use of imitation, augmentation and differing tonalities. Even with all the opportunities for "teachable moments," this is still fun to play, and will be a charming addition to your holiday concert.
Absolutely perfect for your beginning orchestra! Familiar melodies of the Chanukah season are skillfully presented in an arrangement that stays right within the requirements of students working in their first method book.

Hanukkah Music for Orchestra

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This sure-to-be concert favorite is a medley of three "timeless" songs: Summertime; As Time Goes By and Time After Time. Although arranged for full orchestra, this piece is perfectly playable by strings alone. The strings also get the rare opportunity to swing! Scored for six percussionists but playable with five. The perfect highlight on your next concert program!
The simple, memorable theme from the acclaimed PBS series makes excellent concert fare. Calvin Custer's realistic treatment includes the easy violin solo, piano and percussion. This is technically quite easy, but very emotional.
The beautiful and moving theme from the Oscar-winning film has been reimagined for solo cello and orchestra.

Pop and Show Music for Orchestra

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The overture to "Cesare in Farmacusa," an opera that tells of the boy Julius Caesar's journey by sea in a treacherous storm to Farmacusa, near Sicily. The plot abounds with pirates, gypsy lovers, and of course, Roman gods, all of which provided much entertainment to the audiences at the time.
Premiered in 1937 by the Philadelphia Orchestra, this symphony, subtitled "Song of a New Race," infuses elements of blues and jazz into the classical form, creating a uniquely blended sound to reflect Stills' vision of an increasingly diverse American culture. Originally composed for full orchestra, this slightly abridged second movement for string orchestra includes the original harp part, honoring the legacy of one of America's greatest composers.
This exceptional arrangement will give more developed string musicians a broader knowledge of the classical repertoire as well as experience with Baroque-style playing techniques.

Classical Music for String Orchestra

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Resplendence is an exclamation of joy and serves as the fanfare for a glorious return. An uplifting theme in G major briefly moves into E-flat major, developing the motif through modal shifts and expanding accompaniments. Variations in the relative minor build to a spectacular climax, driving the accelerating melody to a triumphant conclusion.
In this multi-level arrangement for string or full orchestra, both new and experienced students get to enjoy the excitement of Offenbach's famous dance. The piece can be performed with strings only, with parts for beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels. Or, add optional advanced wind, brass, and percussion parts for a full orchestra concert- combined levels or advanced players only. A grand finale to your pyramid concert that will motivate young musicians with a great sense of pride!
A Cello Section Feature

Original Concert Works for String Orchestra

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