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a diagram showing the structure of an organization's business model
Strategic Management Consulting
Transformation is an essential guide for companies seeking to make large-scale changes and fundamentally improve the way they operate. It distills the experiences from hundreds of transformations into a clear set of core principles, illustrated with real-world examples. Before a company creates a target, post-transformation operating model, it must first assess its current operations.
the brand spectrum info sheet
4 Steps for Creating a Successful New Brand
The Brand Spectrum - A Basic Guide to Branding: The Brand Evolution Process - How to discover, articulate, differentiate, create, and activate your brand.
the four types of social media marketing
Touchpoints for Design Strategy. Any design strategy should address the following: (i) Existing problems and ongoing challenges. (ii) Current benefi ts and successes to be leveraged. (iii) Unmet client/customer needs. (iv) Changing client/customer behaviors and attitudes. (v) Emerging ideas and trends. (vi) Opportunities to differentiate. The way these issues are addressed is the essence of the strategy.
a diagram that shows the steps in collaboration with each other to create an effective strategy
Whole-Systems Strategic Change - CTLabs
strategic planning process | We have a strategic planning process that will provide clarity for ...
an info sheet describing how to use the co - creation landscape
Co-Creation Landscape
the forms of value - co - creation are shown in green circles with black lettering
Sales Co-Creation
Sales Co-Creation
the four types of co - creation are shown in black and white, with text below
Comment mettre en place de l'Innovation collaborative en entreprise ? - Guy Parmentier [W2C13]
la co-creation
an iceberg floating in the ocean with text describing user experience, the levels of the process
Nice visual to put in perspective of what's on the surface and what's underneath of UX concepts
a pyramid with the words user experience in different languages, including text and an image that reads user experience library needs to complete tasks quickly
UX studio
User Experience Hierarchy of Needs
the workshop workshop poster is drawn on white paper with black and yellow lines, including an image of a man standing in front of it
The Workshop Workshop. Agenda, Facilitators...
a white paper with some writing on it and various things in the background that are hand drawn
Playful Design by John Ferrara
Amazing bullet journal doodle tutorials that anyone can follow! Journal Pages, Doodle Art, Doodle, Doodles, Journal Writing, Journal Inspiration, Journal Planner, Bullet Journal Doodles, Journal Layout
Ultimate List of Bullet Journal Doodles - 50 FREE Step-by-step Instructions
Amazing bullet journal doodle tutorials that anyone can follow!
a white board with writing on it that says sketchnoting and other doodles
The power of the visuals and its application in project management tools: Alejandro Pérez (Sketchnote Army)
The power of the visuals and its application in project management tools: Alejandro Pérez