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Peltomaa Jyrki
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SAOTA HotelAbidjan_entrance_ totally awesome beautiful

CI Hotel Abidjan: A hotel, conference centre and apartment building located on a tight urban site overlooking the Boulevard de Gaulle.

We've announced the winner of our #BalboaPress #IgniteCreativity contest. Congratulations @RoMay Allen!

We've announced the winner of our contest.

The Internet of Things Infographic

The internet is increasingly finding its ways into everyday products. This infographic shows some of the existing products already available.

Podpad: | Community Post: 15 Incredibly Satisfying Space-Saving Furniture Designs

Podpad is a wall mounted desk & storage unit, a space saver. It's a workspace that holds your laptop, mail & desk junk plus it also houses a built-in sound system & charging station.

BeON Home makes it look like you’re home, even when you’re not. #Atmel #BeONHome #SmartBulb #SmartLighting #IoT #Security

Z-Wave Labs Announces Start-Up BeON Home as First Winner of Global IoT Developer Competition