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Amazing-dining-foyer-chandelier-MURANO GLASS CHANDELIER - Hand-crafted glass leaves - Butterfly Capr

CAPRI - CLASSIC ELEGANT MURANO GLASS HAND-CRAFTED CHANDELIER WITH A BEAUTIFUL DETAILED DESIGN OF ART GLASS LEAVES HANGING IN A CASCADING STYLE IN DIFFERENT HEIGHTS. GLASS COLORS: CLEAR / FROSTED WHITE / MAPLE / GREY / GOLD / RED / BLUE / YELLOW. Inspired by the beauty of fall leaves in nature, the artisan chandelier is designed with a combination of different sizes of Murano glass leaves varying from 6"-8" / 10" /12" long. This elegant breathtaking chandelier will make a statement in any…

极致高级灰,演绎超有格调的东方人文艺术馆-文化频道-手机搜狐 Best Ceiling Designs, Hotel Corridor, Corridor Design, Lobby Design, Interior Decorating, Interior Design, Hotel Interiors, Space Architecture, Scenic Design



CCD have recently completed their newest hotel interior project for the HUALUXE Xi'an Hi-Tech Zone. Bedroom Decor For Couples, Couple Bedroom, Shenzhen, Design Hotel, House Design, Lobby Interior, Interior Design, Interior Modern, Modern Luxury

HUALUXE Xi'an Hi-Tech Zone by CCD/Cheng Chung Design | Hotel interiors

HUALUXE Hotel & Resorts is IHG’s another classic work in its exciting course of reformation, and a new international luxury hotel brand tailored to..

Latest News for Hualuxe Xian Hitech Zone Ccd Cheng Chung Design . Modern Office Design, Modern Interior Design, Modern Offices, Facade Design, House Design, Wall Design, Lobby Design, Design Hotel, Lift Design

HUALUXE Xi'an Hi-Tech Zone / CCD - Cheng Chung Design

HUALUXE Xi'an Hi-Tech Zone is HUALUXE’s first hotel in West China and is positioned as an Asia-pacific flagship hotel, which pays tribute to

【新提醒】CCD南山万豪酒店高清系列——05 THW PUBLIC SPACE公区-马蹄室内设计论坛-序赞网 Interior Walls, Interior Design Living Room, Elevator Lobby Design, Timber Ceiling, Lifted Cars, House Entrance, Hotel Lobby, Corridor, Chongqing


CCD南山万豪酒店高清系列——01THE LOUNGE大堂 CCD南山万豪酒店高清系列——02 THE BANQUET HALL宴会厅公区 ...

ONE-CU made strenuous efforts to make the space more than just a sales center. The design team strove to integrate contemporary aesthetics with historical culture Lobby Reception, Reception Areas, Sales Center, Office Lobby, Lobby Interior, Design Lab, Interior Design Living Room, Architecture Design, Flooring

Xi'an VANKE • RUYUAN Sales Center - Picture gallery

View the full picture gallery of Xi'an VANKE • RUYUAN Sales Center

极致高级灰,演绎超有格调的东方人文艺术馆-文化频道-手机搜狐 Luxury Interior, Interior Architecture, Interior And Exterior, Interior Walls, Interior Design, Feature Wall Design, Public Hotel, Hotel Lobby, Lobby Bar



解构“蓝之十字” | 尔我空间设计工程实例--ansuner现代经典设计师创意家具定制-现代家具|时尚家具|现代家居|时尚家居|别墅家具| Kitchen Interior, Interior Design Living Room, Color Scale, Blue Block, Main Entrance, Floor Space, Second Floor, Design Elements, The Originals

解构“蓝之十字” | 尔我空间设计工程实例--ansuner现代经典设计师创意家具定制-现代家具|时尚家具|现代家居|时尚家居|别墅家具

解构“蓝之十字” | 尔我空间设计工程实例--ansuner现代经典设计师创意家具定制-现代家具|时尚家具|现代家居|时尚家居|别墅家具|

尔我空间设计研究室 Color Scale, Lobby Lounge, Blue Block, Main Entrance, Floor Space, Second Floor, Mirror, Interior Design, The Originals

尔我空间设计研究室,MEJACCI Hall,德国室内设计

梅亚奇展厅临街但是远离商业区 ,是由原先的楼盘售楼处改造的,所以外立面我们只能在原有的基础上去给它相对崭新和独立的存在。 迎合拱形门洞的外立面,二次架设拱形门洞,调整比例尺度,形成秩序, 让整个展厅的外观显眼但并不突兀违和。木质作为梅亚奇的核心竞争力 是最初架构的本源 。出于以木为本的立意 我们将本这个字作为设计發散点 将它拆分成每一个和这个空间契合的设计元素 。本拆开有木 ,它是材质元素 也是空间的气质引现 几十年生命周期的沉淀 它是沉稳的 ,它决定了空间最重要的氛围感和气质属性。我们营造了入口处的七米挑空,缩窄横向的尺度,形成一个狭窄通高的过道空间,挤压出一种向上伸展的力量。刻意传递一种压迫和紧张的情绪,我们和梅亚奇达成共识,希望体验者对于空间和品牌可以有所尊重。立面舍弃繁复的细节和造型,将视觉的焦点突出集中在通道尽头的蓝色,动线很自然的被牵引。不难发现蓝色作为品牌色,以体块的形式…

阳光城湖州太湖售楼处 图片版权归璞辉空间设计所有 on Behance Interior Architecture, Interior Design, Sales Office, Sofa Furniture, Asian Style, Restaurant Bar, Dining Room, Lounge, Table

阳光城湖州太湖售楼处 图片版权归璞辉空间设计所有

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View the full picture gallery of Xi'an VANKE Lobby Reception, Reception Design, Glass Curtain Wall, Large Bookcase, Sales Center, Lobby Interior, Real Estate Sales, Built Environment, Design Lab

Xi’an VANKE · RUYUAN Sales Center by ONE-CU Interior Design Lab | Shopping centres

With “scene experience” emerging as a new consumption trend, many designers seek to create artistic and humanistic scenes in real estate sales..

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久居繁华闹市,更加向往山林的淳朴本真,为浮躁的心灵寻一处宁静悠然之所。位于中原大地,郑州向西的浅山,依托原始丰富的台地、坡地特征,一片约8000亩的生态山居栖息地——永威· ...


西安经开洲际酒店作为西北地区第一家洲际酒店,也是品牌旗舰店,位于经济开发区的城市CBD核心地带,是经济政治、文化、商业多元要素的交汇之地。CCD以大气磅礴的设计手法重现昔日荣光华彩,为来自世界各地的宾客展现出西安的千秋辉煌!As a flagship hotel as well as the first InterContinental hotel in Northwest China, InterContinental Xi'an North is located in the CBD of Xi'an Economic & Technological Development Zone, where economy, politics, culture and commerce converge. Through adopting magnificent design languages, CCD reproduces and showcases the glory of Xi'an for thousands of years to guests around the…

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矩阵纵横设计-温州华润鹿城万象府销售中心_国内名师_室内设计联盟 - Powered by Discuz!

池水变绿色,池芳动清辉。 A pond of water turns green,a pond of flowers arouse waves.—《春葺新居》-To thatch the new house in spring这 ...