Kalle Mäkiranta

Kalle Mäkiranta

Kalle Mäkiranta
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No matter the car or it's age, 'stance' means everything to it's look . . .

Motorcycles, Cars, Tatoos, Women, and anything that catches my eyes.

Viking skull                                                                                                                                                     More

Glorious Dead Will Harvest All

White skull t-shirt illustration

lion..jpg (886×1502)

Something like this would be so on but with overwatch characters absolute banger of a tat idea

This would be an awesome tattoo

Wow! Scary tattoo. Great artwork.

(The illusion of light) evenings dark artist spotlight is sponsored by . Artist IG: With an impressive dark piece

15085711_10209486387908263_587782812681145785_n.jpg (720×720)

Bloody crow drawing by artist .

Jordan Grimmer

The Gates of Amhrak by jordangrimmer landscape location environment architecture

All that rise to Valhalla ¤

Suidakra (Germany) - Book Of Dowth {Melodic Death/Black/Folk Metal}

Skulls ☆ DanaMichele ☠

Skulls ☆ DanaMichele ☠