Delicate himmeli plant holder

Brass Himmeli Hanging Planter / Hanging Mobile Prism No. 1 / Geometric Ornament / Air Plant Hanger by Prism

himmeli wreath tutorial by Lisa Tilse for SCOUT magazine

SCOUT magazine by Lisa Tilse of the red thread - tutorial to make a himmeli wreath

Himmeli Large Pendant light by Paul Loebach

Himmeli Large Pendant light by Paul Loebach - this design would be kind of neat to rework into stained glass panels.

"A traditional Finnish Christmas craft,  Himmeli are related to straw decorations  in Sweden, Latvia and Romania."

Finnish straw decorations- Himmeli craft, Himmeli are related to in Sweden, Latvia and Romania.

himmeli, traditional Finnish Christmas decorations, were originally made to promote a good harvest: The bigger and more complex these rye straw decorations were, the better the crop would be.

DIY: Finnish Himmeli Mobiles

28.jpg (1024×990)

The site is in Finnish - used dried stems of Deschampsia cespitosa (tufted hairgrass) and string this snowflake/star together with thread (not sure what to use for a needle). The author says that straw is too thick.

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