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Evil wins by AkasunaNoDei on DeviantArt

Wait, why is Sasori so excited, I thought he can't eat because he's a puppet. -----> not what matters, it's the expression of Kakuzu xD

Leap of Faith: Sasori by FeatherHarp

Leap of Faith: Deidara and Tobi [link] Leap of Faith: Deidara and Itachi [link] Leap of Faith: Deidara and Zetsu [link] Leap of Fai. Leap of Faith: Sasori

Read When it's your birthday from the story Akatsuki fathers x daughter readers. by Nanami-sakamaki (Nanami) with reads.

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Hahaha :)) Never pause Naruto :))) Poor Animation… creepy faces of Sasuke, Pain and Guy Sensei :))