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a man and woman sitting on a balcony looking at each other with their hands to their chins
John Jr & Carolyn Bessette Kennedy!
a woman is being escorted by police outside the court building with her hands in her pockets
John F. Kennedy Jr.
"Meet the Press" - John F. Kennedy Jr. - CBS News
a woman is walking two poodles down the hall with ribbons on their necks
From Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy's Instagram - "Running for the Roses! Kentucky comes to Tokyo!"
two women walking down the street carrying shopping bags
Caroline and Tatiana after doing some shopping at Barneys! . . . . . . #carolinekennedy #barneys #barneysnewyork #newyorkshopping…
a man in a tuxedo kissing a woman
John and Carolyn.
a man standing on the door of a small plane
a man standing in front of an airplane
a man standing next to an airplane reading a paper
a man kneeling down next to an airplane with his feet on the ground and one hand on the wheel
a man walking on the beach carrying coolers and an ice chest in his hand
a man riding on top of a blue kayak in the middle of the ocean
John Kennedy Jr
the men are playing frisbee in the field
Alex's chum at Brown -- JFK, Jr.
a man standing in front of a whiteboard with pictures on it and writing on it
beatle bored