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a piece of cake on a plate next to a bowl of jam and a skillet
Ahvenanmaalainen pannukakku – katso ohje!
pancakes with blueberries and whipped cream on a pink plate
Amerikkalaiset pannukakut
pancakes being made with greek yogurt pancake batter
Fluffy Greek Yogurt Pancakes - Just a Taste
pancakes with powdered sugar are stacked on a plate
an image of some food that is in the pan
Maailman paras lettutaikina
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freshly baked pastries in a muffin tin with strawberries and apples on top
Omenapannarimuffinit | Reseptit | Leivonnaiset | Yhteishyvä
french toast with cherries and powdered sugar on a plate next to a glass of milk
Nosta pannukakku uudelle tasolle: lisää pannaritaikinaan purkillinen rahkaa!
a stack of pancakes with strawberries and syrup
Kaurapannukakut - Vain 4 raaka-ainetta!
a white plate topped with green waffles covered in feta cheese and spinach
Arkiruokavinkki: Pinaattivohvelit (G) | Annin Uunissa
pancakes with toppings on a blue and white plate next to a cup of tea
Pinaattiletut Kippari-Kallen tapaan - Valio
Pinaattiletut Kippari-Kallen tapaan
a casserole with meat and cheese on it next to a glass of milk
Raejuustopannari - Valio
Raejuustopannarit ✦ Oletko kokeillut ennen raejuustopannaria? Raejuusto tuo pannariin täyteläisyyttä ja suutuntumaa. http://www.valio.fi/reseptit/raejuustopannari-1/
pancakes with banana slices and syrup in a black bowl
Pastanjauhantaa: Piimäpannukakut
some food is on a white plate and has been placed on a blue tablecloth
Omena-rahkaletut - Valio
Omena-rahkaletut ✦ Tavallisten lettujen sijaan omena-rahkaletut saavat makua omenasta ja kanelista. http://www.valio.fi/reseptit/omena-rahkaletut/
some food is sitting in a pan on a white tablecloth next to a blue and white napkin
Porkkanaletut ihanalla fetatäytteellä – kurkkaa resepti!
Porkkanaletut | Kotivinkki