Craft Stick Folding Mother's Day Card using popsicle sticks so cute

Craft Stick Folding Mother's Day or any day Card Craft. This site has many different mother's day kid friendly art and craft ideas for making a mother's day gift or card

Take a picture of someone holding a fist out in front of them and then cut little slits above and below their hand and stick the handle of the sucker through the picture.

Want a unique holiday or birthday card idea? Fold some colorful card-stock paper in half and glue a photo to the front. Use hand-crafted flowers or lollipops, decorate and write a message inside. Great idea for Valentines Day or Christmas cards!

Egg box tea cup card, with a real tea cup. Great for mothers day cards, thank you cards, or just to make someone smile

Drink It All In with Twinings and Tea Cup Cards

Egg carton tea cup card, with a real tea bag. Great for mothers day cards, thank you cards, or just to make someone smile.

Mrs. Jacksons Class Website Blog: Mothers Day Gifts, Crafts, Ideas

Love You to Pieces - Popsicle sticks puzzle pieces. ornament or Valentine? Use those puzzles that have lost pieces - this would make a lovely gift for children to give to grandparents or aunts uncles on Valentine's Day

elementary art education sculpture 3d older grades pop up lesson- possibility for animal habitat?

Art Lesson: My Life Pop-Up Book Great for Language Arts, Science, or Social Studies projects

{DIY Printable Animal Gift Boxes}also included are many different box templates of all shapes and sizes. A great site.

DIY Printable Animal Gift Boxes to put your Vanparys dragees as a cute children's party favor!

Mother's Day Adjective Wheel

ACPL Kids: Mother's Day Craft - but could be equally fun for Father's day