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several rolls of washi tape are in a brown paper bag next to some ribbons
Washi tape UK
DIY Washi Tape On Clothespins ♥
a pink box filled with donuts sitting on top of a white cloth covered table
Mini Maronen-Gugl und Spekulatius-Cantuccini - Weihnachtliche Post aus Lykkeligs Küche!
mini chestnut gug
an advertisement for cookies and other desserts on display in front of a white background
How to Host a Cookie Swap, the Sweetest of All Holiday Parties
8 steps to hosting a cookie swap -- click for all the steps!
several bags are stacked on top of each other with black labels that read, private
pinecones and branches
simple wrapping with labels. #celebrateeveryday
a table topped with lots of food on top of a wooden table next to bowls and utensils
Sesame Super Bars — Green Kitchen Stories
sesame bars/ GKS
an assortment of food items displayed on plates and napkins with blue ribbons around them
Single-Serving Sweets Packaging
a bottle filled with liquid sitting on top of a table
Food gifts!
some cookies are on a black tray next to a cup and saucer
Sablés Sachets de Thé A Devorer: Tea Boogies
Tea Bookies / Sandra Avital
four pieces of fruit and nuts arranged on top of each other in the shape of a pyramid
Cupcake Sundays
So, every year for the holiday season, I make something that I can give as a "food gift"... for co-workers, friends, teachers, neighbors, etc... It's usually fudge. Fudge is pretty simple and you can package it nicely. I've grown tired of fudge. Two years ago, I'd grown tired of fudge. I decided to make these Martha Stewart cookies that consisted of like 346 steps. They weren't hard, no complicated techniques or anything... just a very long process. At about step 327, I needed some counter s.
some cookies are stacked on top of each other and tied with a brown ribbon in front of them
The Royal Family Just Shared the Recipe for Their Favorite Christmas Cookie! Learn How to Bake a Batch Today
this is the cutest presentation.