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"Finlandia" - Jean Sibelius (Finland's Independence Day, 6th Dec.) *This is the entire piece, beautifully orchestrated.

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Finnish Independence Day 6.12.

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Juhannusaatto, valoa yöttömän yön, Suomen suvea, sineä järvien, kukkien kauneutta, vehreyttä metsän ja maan, heleää laulua muuttolintujen. -

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Itsenäisyyspäivä-Independence Day. The movement for Finland's Independence started after the revolutions in Russia, caused by the disturbances from the defeats of the First World War. This gave an opportunity for Finland to withdraw from Russia. After several disagreements between the non-socialists and the social-democrats about the matter of who should have the power in Finland, the parliament, led by Per Evind Svinhufvud, declared Finland as an independent state on the 6th of December…

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Sunrise at 3:3am on midsummer in Finland.

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Midsummer (21. june), the flag stays in the pole thru the whole nightless night.

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Finland's national flag is based on the Scandinavian cross. It was adopted after independence from Russia, when many patriotic Finns wanted a special flag for their country, but its design dates back to the 19th century. The blue coloring is said to represent the country's thousands of lakes and the sky, with white for the snow that covers the land in winter.

Tippaleipä & Sima / Pastry & Mead (Finland). Walburgis night / May day treats.

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