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I love Dante's family in Aphmau, they're so happy! Nicole and Dimitri too. I am not the owner or creator of any of the Aphmau Characters nor anything re. Mixed yet happy Family

Travmau: by proxy comics I don't ship it but it is good<<<correction amazing

Aphmau: *Reads Midnight* Travis: Hey beautiful *tries to flirt with aph* aphmau: Travis no. Travlyn must happen.

Zanmau by ProxyComics.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

You may NOT copy, steal, trace, heavily reference, or alter my art in anyway. Do not repost/upload anywhere without my permission. Please respect my art. Zanmau (do not repost)

Firestar and Sandstorm with their kits Squirrelkit and Leafkit!

the Leader's Family, Firestar (leader of Thunderclan), Sandstorm (warrior of Thunderclan and Firestar's mate), Squirrelkit (will be known as Squirrelflight) and Leafkit (will be known as Leafpool and will be Thunderclan medicine cat)

Goldenflower Art by catcoons

Hi I’m Lightgaze a Mistclan Warrior and queen my three children are: Rosekit, Shallowkit and Bearleap my mate is Emberclaw